What Makes a Kat, a Kat?

Style is a four letter word

Design is more than “look and feel.” Design means bringing good ideas to the table. It means using our client’s problems to sharpen our solutions. Design means moving our client’s business forward, artfully.

Talks the Talk

Collaboration and communication are the beating hearts of an agency. I work to build bridges between departments because I know we all want the same thing, to create killer work for our clients.

Sweats the Details

I cut my teeth in the unforgiving world of print design. I’ve worked for many years to become fast, efficient, and good under pressure. I sweat the details and I expect the same of my designers.

What Others Are Saying

Nic Bonilla

“Kat has one of the sharpest minds for design and creative problem solving I’ve ever come across. … She’s been tasked with design challenges of all shapes and sizes, and she has never ceased to wow me (and her clients!) with her solutions.”

- Nic Bonilla
Allyson Dutko

“Kat brings a fresh perspective to every project she touches; she is in-tune with client needs and communicates well with various teams (strategy, development) to make sure the creative is on point.”

- Allyson Dutko
Morgan Sheffield

“In all of our associations, Kat has consistently performed beyond my expectations, and continues to impress me with her skill, expertise, and creative vision.”

- Morgan Sheffield